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Microneedle RF

Turn Back the Clock with Dot Matrix & Microneedles Fractional RF

Do you feel a little worn down? And do you look a little worn down? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a magic wand that you could wave to turn back the clock to “refresh” yourself? While a magic wand is still not part of our clinic’s instruments, we do have something that comes close. It’s called Dot Matrix Microneedles & RF.

Dot Matrix Microneedles uses radiofrequency energy to safely heat the collagen layer of your skin. This heating up of the collagen helps to tighten the existing collagen and promote the production and formation of new collagen. This treatment, in as little as a single session, can reduce sagging, renew your contours and improve the overall texture and smoothness of your skin.

Dot Matrix has many things going for it. First of all, there is virtually no downtime. It is non invasive so you can proceed with your normal routine almost immediately after. The treatments last anywhere between 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the area that you are having treated. This treatment is also suited to any skin color and is an effective option for almost any body part.  And that’s the next great thing- you can have this treatment done on almost any part of your body you think needs a “pick me up”- from your facial jowls to your sagging knees- none of them are a match for the Dot Matrix treatment. The other areas that respond well to Dot Matrix are eyes, lips, belly, hands, thighs, arms, and buttocks. If you thought the only way for your skin to go was down, Dot Matrix can help it defy gravity.

The following procedures are just some of the ways Dot Matrix can help you turn back the clock.

The Eyes Have It

One of the most popular treatment applications of Dot Matrix is on the eye area.  It is the only non- invasive option to reduce the wrinkling and hooding around the area. The area becomes smoother and tighter giving you brighter looking eyes and a more youthful appearance. While there is no downtime from the actual procedure, you will have to avoid exposure to the sun, as with any laser treatment.

The Shape of Things to Come

You’ve managed to lose all the baby weight, but guess what? Your skin forgot to go back into place. So no matter how many crunches you do and how long you hold your plank positions for, your skin is just going to sag along. But Dot Matrix can help get your skin back by reducing the wrinkled, sagging, crêpey texture and giving you a smoother and tighter one.

Your belly that looks like a deflated balloon may still become smooth. You won’t likely get six abs or a bikini endorsement after the treatment, but the loose, sagging skin on your belly will become a thing of the past.

And if you think cellulite would be difficult to treat, think again. Dot Matrix can significantly reduce the dimpling in one treatment that all the aerobic exercises in the world would not be able to.

So while you’re waiting for someone to invent that magic wand, why don’t you contact us for a consultation? You could find out that you may not need one after all.

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