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Fractional CO2

What is Fractional CO2?

With the new technology, resurfacing the skin with the Mixto SX® is easy. The effectiveness of carbon dioxide lasers that is also referred to as gold standard in the removal of wrinkle with an innovative technology and very focused beam, the Mixto SX® laser provides uniform tissue ablation to the dermis that can cause immediate contraction and also tightening of the tissue. After the procedure, the tightening that is observed will continue to firm with the production of new collagen for a period of 6 to 12 months. This technology has powerful results and does not have harsh side effects and does not have downtime of traditional CO2 resurfacing. The Mixto® treatment gives many benefits of traditional laser resurfacing without the general anesthesia, pain and also prolonged downtime. Some of the benefits that you are likely to get are immediate shrinkage of the skin that is damaged, you will have minimal discomfort with topical anesthetic, minimal downtime for a period of 5 days, softening of the wrinkles and fine lines, removal of age and sun sports and new collagen production for one year following the treatment. CO2 laser beam and fractionates are being taken by fractional CO2 laser.

The fractional CO2 can pixelate the beam into thousands of little tiny shafts of light. The tiny shafts of light then penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. The skin repair the tiny shafts by pushing the old sun damaged skin out. It replaces the old skin with a new skin. The heat damage which is also called collateral is used to help the shrinking. People, who want to do Fractional CO2 with other cosmetic treatment, should do so on different days. The effects of fractional CO2 depend on how well you protect your face from the sun. The main difference between the fractional CO2 laser and the f erbium laser like the Fraxel restore is that the CO2 laser goes deeper and has a different way on how it shrinks the collagen while Fraxel laser do not go deeper and does not have other methods of shrinking the collagen. Research has proved CO2 to be the best for patients who are late 40s and 70s.this is because CO2 work well with moderate to deep wrinkles, creepy eyelid, and sun damage or with moderate to severe acne scarring.

CO2 has more downtime when compared with Fraxel. Fraxel Restore is the best option for younger patients who are between the ages of 30 to the age of 50.It is possible to customize fractional CO2 laser. Treatments can be deeper resulting to more healing and downtime or the treatments can be shallower with less healing time. To avoid more downtime, a patient can have two treatments that are not so deep. Your skin may take 3 to 14 days to heal. After 4 to 6 months, your skin might be pink and during this time the skin will be smoother and it will look less blotchy.


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